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Elevate your Rinse, Lather, and Repeat Routine with Paka Lolo Soap’s Maui Made Body Bars!

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Made with Full Spectrum Pure CBD Oil


Our All Natural Handmade CBD Soap skincare products are made with a full spectrum all natural CBD Oil and its all natural cannabinoid plant matter are tested and guaranteed free of harmful chemicals, toxins, or pesticides.

Benefits of CBD Soap


According to recent studies from leading scientific institutions, CBD has potent antioxidant effects.  Counteracting the signs of aging caused by free radicals, encourages skin regeneration, and has been shown to help reduce pain and inflammation caused by many skin conditions.

Aromatherapy and Local Plant Extracts


Handmade made on Maui in small batches with all natural ingredients, local plant extracts, and pure essential oils.  Combined to make a luxurious and rich cleansing lather with all the benefits of aromatherapy and full spectrum CBD’s.


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